Wednesday, September 27

Bored but not

I don't know the hell why I can't get to writing here at least once every two days. I got boredom. Again. I mean seriously, I wrote some subjects to write about on my phone, and have been itching to write them while in school. But then I come home and *poof!*, boredom gone, as well as the urge to write. I can't even bitch anymore, about that Romanian teacher (that can't let me come without my uniform! BAH!), about the music teacher (who thinks she's teaching the most fekkin important class there is! MRR!), or the chemistry teacher ("You stop snoring! And stay right in your bench! And put your notebook on the table! And get that pencil out of your mouth, we aren't in first grade anymore, sonny!" -- she said all these in a row. ARGH!) and many more.

Ah well, school started to suck, I started to bitch and whine, the world is gonna implode and I'm gonna die with a frowny on my face. El Sucko Da Donkey Bawlzo.

Anyway, just so you can see what you're (not) missing, here's some thing I wanted to write about:

  • Avalanche Moments (see/hear/read one thing for the first time, and in a few hours randomly hear again for the first time; another kind of deja-vu)
  • To make love does not equal to make sex (in a more complicated way that can be understood)
  • Stupid Mathematics Philosophy (something that I consider stupid, and so will you, but still has some truth in it)
Eh ... maybe I'll come to it one day. Until then, have fun and pray the above techers die and go to Las Vegas without any money.

Death by boredom, teachers and lack of boredom.

Wednesday, September 20

Stuff that happened on my birthday

Found this nifty little site called Famous Days that tells you about people that were born, that dies and events that happened on any day you want. I chose my birthday, as I'm curious about it. ^_^

On my birthday born were .. first one
- Sarah Michelle Gellar. Yay! This has started good! Lalalala ... looking at the next ones ... oh ****
- Adolph Hitler. Uhm ... SO not shows my hidden character!

The events ... hmmm ...
- 1,100,000,000th Chinese born ... uhh yeah ... woohoo for chinese, boo for mankind and their urge to mate. Other things ...
- US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site ... uhhh ... yeah ... boo for mankind, woohoo for urge to mate. Fill in the blank spaces made by the bombed guys.
- US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak. NOT THE ATMOSPHERE! OHNOZ!
- A flash of light is observed in crater Plato on Moon ... so the flashlight my great grand dad made is no longer a legend, but truth! Yay!
- President Abraham Lincoln shot in Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth. BOOTH! YA DIRTAY BASTARD! YOU SHOT LINCOLN! *gasps*
- Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM off Newfoundland as band plays on. Now, I really like this one! "as band plays on" kekekekeke ^_^

Deaths ...
- Roland Napoleon Bonaparte, Fr officer/explorer (Surinam), dies at 65. Ignore the first name, concentrate on the other two!

Also, I did SO not cheat on the Titanic one! DID NOT! Now why in blazes are you acussing me of this?! Huh?! Huh?! Wanna fight?! Come on, buster, lemme show ya the fist express! >=)

Death by a band that plays on ... and on ... and BUM! DIE! HAHA!

Tuesday, September 19

Wakin' up early and school uniforms ...

... suck. Big time. I mean, hell, I spent 3 months going to bed at 1, 2, 3 or even 4 a.m., then waking up at 11 or 12 a.m. Not including the two weeks I was waking up at 3 or 4 p.m. Now those were confotable times ... for me. I have the impression that those that saw me (I had a door with a glass window ... not like there is any other kind of windo... wait; is PVC a window?!) were very, very jealous of me and my ZzzzZZZzzzZ (read: super sexy long lasting Sand Girl; Sandman is for wusses and ghei people :P )

It's such hard to wake up at 7 a.m. ... Today my mom acme and woke me up, and I was like "Ugh ... did I wake in the middle of my sleep? Wait, what sleep? *look at my mom* GODDAMN it's school! ARGH!" then I proceded to dooze off for a couple of minutes, then dress, eat, get my ugly uniform on (I almost had a heart attack (exafgeration. duh) when I heard we had to wear uniforms. I never got into a costume since I was ... wait, I wonder if I ever did it ... Anyway, at least I can wear sneakers. And a t-shirt. Small consolation for looking like a complete dork/geek/nerd whateva.

I'm already sleepy and it's barely 7 p.m. . Wanted to sleep for a couple of hours but couldn't. Damn ... uhm ... not-sleep!! You're BAD!

Death by lack of excessive sleep.

Monday, September 18

School. Bah.

Now, I would rant on about the fact that school just started (highschool = 9th grade yay!), but I am suffering from a severe hangover from acute lack of Sand (Man). That certain sand is the drug of all mankind, just like religion is the drug of the population (a certain Cynthia is now thinking "RANT ALERT!" and a certain Madeline is thinking "What the HELL is he talking about?!"; ignore their shouts, they don't matter much).

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, school started. The sux and the rox for now. Nothing is decided. Collegues are cool, got humor in them, got brains, and the great part is that they all have computers. Donno how far their knowledge goes, but they should be okay. After all, the highschool is informatics. The professors are OK ... for now. The math teacher is refined, the physics is kinda annoying and old, the Romanian is OK, the religion is cool and our main professor (donno how it works in other countries, but here you got a main teacher who is responsible of your class) is cool on the outside, fugly on the inside. Bitch. She's the only one who made us write today, instead of discussing. THEN, she gave us homework, and *THEN* she said that if we don't do our homework, we got a 3 (the max grade is 10, the min grade is 1). Cunt.

Ugh. Anywayz, already making friends, wanted to go out, exchanged messenger ID's. Kewl. Looking forward to the next days =)

Death by bitch.

Thursday, September 14

The Divine Powers?

My opinion on the divine powers, explained in a chat with Cynthia. (the picture is of Odin, Allfather of Old Norse (viking) mythology)

Cynthia: Depends, never seen you really angry anyways
Khass: true
Khass: don't like to get angry
Khass: i'm not the sensitive/emotional type
Khass: more like the opposite
Cynthia: Emotionless?
Khass: pretty much
Khass: you know the buddhist' Enlightement?
Khass: or what it takes to be Enlightened?
Cynthia: You mean achieving nirvana?
Khass: somewhat, yeah
Cynthia: So you're following budhaism?
Khass: nope, i'm atheist
Khass: put this thing is *the* most interesting (existing) religion to me
Khass: and i'm subconcsiensly following it,
Khass: not the religion
Khass: but achieving enlightement
Khass: aka no feeling, no pain, no joy, no sadness
Khass: etc
Cynthia: No feeling? Hmm...
Cynthia: Unless you want to lock yourself up in a cave for 159803 years, that's quite extreme
Khass: buddha did it
Khass: why can't i?
Cynthia: You're human. Duh
Khass: that's just it
Khass: he was also one
Khass: god in christianity is the supreme, all-mighty, perfect being
Khass: we are all sinners
Khass: that's just not cool
Cynthia: AGREED
Cynthia: HA
Cynthia: YES!
Cynthia: Someone who views it the same as me
Khass: islamic religion i don't know too much
Khass: but i respect it
Khass: it's a kind of warrior-religion
Khass: like the vikings
Khass: die in battle, you go to Valhalla
Khass: buddhism - everyone has a chance to become enlightened
Cynthia: From my experience, the people can be utterfly fanatic, islam, I mean
Khass: i don't know if any others made it
Khass: yes, i know
Khass: but you have to respect it
Khass: if you were born there, you would adopt it
Khass: willingly or not
Khass: anyway, i'm pretty sad politheism dissapeared
Khass: now everybody is following ONE god
Khass: the vikings religion was the most interesting
Khass: Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki
Khass: and so on
Khass: very interesting
Khass: they had flaws
Cynthia: Anything besides Catholic is interesting
Khass: no one was perfect
Khass: the compensated each other
Khass: just like ancient-Greek religion
Khass: Zeus was known to be a woman-lover
Khass: some of them hated each other
Khass: they were plotting against each other
Khass: christianity, islamism and so on have their flaws
Khass: they were more eager to believe back when there existed politheism
Khass: now, just look at how many are atheist
Khass: are they fools? ignorants? wise?
Khass: you can never know
Cynthia: Atheists?
Cynthia: Wise, imho
Khass: I often prayed to see a sign from a god to prove to me he/they existed
Khass: am still doing it
Cynthia: I'm an atheist, so really...
Cynthia: I don't believe.
Khass: I wish to believe in gods
Khass: in an divine power
Khass: up until now, I cannot
Khass: and will probably never know
Khass: hmmmmmmm
Khass: okay, this conversation is going to da blog
Death by wisdom.

Wednesday, September 13

Honey! I'm hooome! (Part IV)

GodDAMN I was so ... so ... happy! WOOOHOOOO! I got in!

That's what my parents thought about me. Actually I *knew* I'd get in. Why? Because, remember this exam only counts for 50% of the final grade? Yeah, the other 50% is the average of the 5-8 grades, which, happily, was 9.52! =D

So with a 9.25 grade, I was sure to get in. My parents, though (especially my mom), were so goddamn agitated, it was like I still had 8.98, and couldn't sleep at night (or at least that's what I like to think). Me, I was calm as ever. No problems, no troubles ... exam? Feh, passed it with flying colours.

Of course, there were some friends of mine who were also scared shitless *winks at Madeline*. "Ohmigawd, what if I don't get in?! Oh noes! THE HORROR!!!" and stuff like that. Thing is, those who did *winks again* were the best in my class. Madeline here nailed the 27th (if I remember correctly) position on the entire county (which had like 3200 kids running for highschool). I made 464th. Not much, but good enough to get me where I want to.

And now I'm the "Grigore Moisil" National College. Gonna start the first day this friday (aka in two days). That is, if the professor stop boycotting the beginning of this school year (they *always* bitch and whine about their wages). And that's a "DUN DUN DUUUUN" I can't control.

Meh ... wouldn't if it's a good or a bad thing. The wisdom within myself tells me it's bad (we'll have to recuperate lost classes later), the kid in me tells me it's good (more free time! YAY!). It's a constant struggle between these two sides, which will go on for many years now on.

Death by calmness.

Honey! I'm hooome! (Part III)

Before I start, I just need to clear something up for you ignorants:

Cynthia: Question: What the hell is that test about? you make it sound so damn important
Khass: i donno what's the name in oz
Khass: it's an exam you have to take if you wanna go to highschool
Khass: it counts for 50% of the grade
Cynthia: Ah, we don't have it. lucky us :D
Khass: and making a high note is somewhat optional
Khass: but for me, who needed over 9
Khass: it was damn important
OK, back to work. All exams were sealed and the names we wrote on them were covered with a black paper so those who corrected them wouldn't see our names. This helps if you "tell" a corrector to be more ... indulgent with your grade. Well, this still kinda works, if you make a mark somewhere on the paper. Here it gets paranoid - you must absolutely NOT make ANY mark of ANY kind ANYWHERE on the paper, not even correct something, or else your exam will be rejected and you will lose ANY chance to go to highschool. Yeah, it's that paranoid. It scares the living cheater out of you.

But we did cheat. Well, at least I didn't cheat for me, but for others. I told/whispered them answers, sneaked small papers to them. Hell, I was da Masta' Informer in there. According to professors, this gets you rejected and spit on. According to me, this gets you moneyz, kissez and handshakes. Guys/Gals I never knew until that day still say "Hello!" on the street when they see me. =D

Now, back to those correctors. Yeah, they suck. Those (censored) of a (censored) had some (censored) up their (censored). Why? I needed a 9 to be a shoe-in into my targeted highschool (and informatics-specialized one; big surprise, eh?). But nooooo, those (censored) didn't like my writing, 'cause they gave me a (censored) 8.98 !!! I almost exploded with anger! 0.10 less points on my average and I would've ninja'd everybody there with my sneaker and my cell phone. But they didn't. It was fear, I'm telling ya. Fear!

So now I had to wait 2 weeks to wait to see if the repartition (which is done by a computer) got me in that highschool. It was a matter of life and death. For those around me, that is. If I got in, I would've group hugged everybody, leaving them with broken bones, severe brain damage and a great fear for hugs for the rest of their life. If I didn't get in, I would've became an hidrogen bomb (info: 1000x more powerful than the atomic bomb) and the city and county/state would be (censored). Yeah, (censo... bloody censorship.

2 weeks later, I was standing right in the same position I am now, with my family around me, browsing through the names of rejects and happy happy kids, and then, suddenly, a porn pop-up! Gah! Closed it. Didn't have any interest in it ... for now. After that, **JBAM!!!**, a blow to the head! Almost fell out of my chair and into nothingness.

(to be concluded in part IV (a bit of patience, please; and DUH!) which will be written tonight)

Death by one small mark on the test paper.

Tuesday, September 12

Honey! I'm hooome! (Part II)

The exam for Romanian is organised into three parts. I think I've said this before, right? Yeah, I did, no matter what yo lazy ass says. The first part is grammar (counts for 48% of the final grade), the second is writing a letter/invitation/request (counts for 10%) and the third one (which is always the hardest, at least for my lazy ass) is commenting prose/poem (counts for 32%; 10% is free for all). On that third part, we had to learn 10 already made comments (which is kinda weird, because the geeky Ministry thinks we know how to make them ourselves ... stupid people). Out of those 10, I knew 8 just by memory, not having studied them for 1/2 to 3 years. The hardest one is a poem called pastel, a poem which describes nature. Now, after that bit of info, back to our story.

So I looked onto the sheet of paper, immediatly glancing at the third part of the exam. And then I saw it. Fairy tale. WOOOOO-FUCKING-HOOOOO!!! I amazed to this day that I didn't scream, but my head was shivering with delight. =D

Two hours later, I exited the classroom, recited a "You got OWNED, biatch!" in my mind to the paper, and went out to the yard on a carpet of roses, girls at my feet, the crowd doing a mexican wave and an airplane writing "You tha MAN!" on the sky. Not really, but that's how I imagined it. My mom was happier than me (she was also much more worried than me for this day since 7th grade) . I *know* she wanted to prance around and then give me the keys to my new sports car, but instead she lit a cigarette to calm herself. Damn cigarette, stealing my car! The nerve! Grrrr ...

Anyway, a day of resting (aka gaming and going out) later, the math exam came. Oh dear. It's not that I'm not good at math, it's just that I make stupid mistakes like forgetting about something or doing bad arithmetics. It's extremely annoying, believe you me.

So, that day I did worse than the first exam, but hey!, who the fuck cares? Me, I guess, but no matter. There's still another one to go.

Geography. Romania's geography (we did Europian and International in lower grades). This is supposedely where you can make up for your mistakes at the other two exams. And so I did. Pretty easy, we're not such a big country. The bad part is, for the entire 8th grade, I had *the* most annoying, unstable and look-I'm-funny-haha-not professor I could have gotten. It's like she had PMS for an entire year! T'was a nightmare. At least now it's over, and when I look back I can say her perseverance paid off. I did quite well at the exam.

Yeah. Good in my opinion. Apparently those who corrected them didn't have the same thoughts as I did.


(to be continued in Part III (double-DUH!) which will be posted tomorrow)

Death by PMS-ing geography professor.

Honey! I'm hooome! (Part I)

Well, yeah, I'm back. Don't know why I haven't wrote anything these past few months; most probably because I didn't have any constant readers. Apparently, now I do *waves to Cynthia and her friends* Yowzas!

Hmmm ... you want me to tell you what I did this summer? Didn't know you were interested! Well ... it all started one rainy night *scene fades to me at my computer* when I was gaming and randomly browsing the Internet out of boredom. Not that I didn't have anything to do, oh no! In 2 or so days I had to do the biggest exam of my life yet. Did I care? No. Proof is that I wasn't studying, nor did I do that strange thing for the past 3 years (with random exceptions).

"But, how could you? Don't you have any thoughts?! If you fail this, you're GOING down!" Such happy thoughts my mom liked to share with me. And probably so would you (*ahem*). Anyway, I kept gaming. It was saturday. At 4 p.m. I thought "Dude, we should study!" so I close the computer and went to study. Boooooooooooring! Less than 1 hour later, I was watching Seinfield and laughing at George. Hehehehe :)

Next day, same thing. *sigh* How could have I been so foolish? Anyway. That crimson night, at 10 p.m., I started studying like hell. "So little time! Why didn't I do this earlier?! You fool! You fool! *study study study* Oooh man, I'm not gonna make it! Oh maaaaaaan!" So I studied for another 2 hours before "Damn ... I'm shleepy. *yawn* Shleepy shleepy shleep." ZzzzZZZZzzz

Next day, 8 a.m., I waked up a bit early to study a bit more. The first exam was today, for Romanian (I'm Romanian. Cool, eh?). Dad comes into the room and sits by me in the bed. "Son, today is the first big day. The day when all your hard studying will pay off (I still can't believe how I didn't burst out laughing). Go and show 'em what yer made of! *thumbs up* Yeeaaah!" I reply with *Yeaaaahh!" Witty, ain't I?

Anyway, a 20 minutes later, Stephen, my best friend for the past 4 years, comes to my house. A vehicular trip later, I was in front of the the school where I'd do the exam. My collegues all there, sharing words of wisdom like "Wooo!", "Where's my pen?! OH GOD, MY PEN!" and "G'luck, matey! Arrrr!".

I entered the school and my classroom, left my mom who was almost crying, and sat down in my bench. 45 AGONIZING minutes later (at 9.16 a.m. ; still remember the hour of my demise), the exams came. The monitors took the papers to every kid there. One was left on my lonely bench, and when I looked on it, I saw ...


(to be continued in part II (DUH!) which will be written tonight)

Death by 45 minutes.

Thursday, May 25


For about 2 now I've been asking myself what is the best browser? I mean, first I was using Internet Explorer (yes, I'm using Windows, not too happy 'bout it either ... will change soon a.k.a. in the summer), which I thought was the best (and only) browser. Then I saw an article about Firefox in a gaming magazine. It was still in beta, so I decided not to try it out (I was quite conservative at that time).

*three months later*

I downloaded Firefox. It was tha best browser for quite a long time, as in 6 months (!). Then some trouble occured. Dumped. Who's next? Good ol' Mozilla! 3-4 months it was good. Then dumped. It's Opera time! Three months. Dumped angrily. Next? Avant Browser. 4 months. Slim Browser. 4 months.

A depressing period as I changed a browser every 3 or 4 weeks, a really bad period when I used IE again, lasting 2 weeks.

Now? Well since we are going back to our roots, I'm writing this post from Firefox. It's good. For now.

Death by browser annoyances.

Wednesday, May 24


Today I went to my tutoring lessons for the Romanian Discipline. Bla Bla Bla, at a certain moment we were talking about how one of my collegues at tutoring has been evacuated because of the quarantine in the neighborhood she lived in, a part of Brasov. Not too long after this, we arrived at the subject of whether or not Bird Flu will mutate and transmite from human to human:

Tutor : Well this hasn't happened, as far as I know.
Me : Yet.
Tutor: ...
Tutor: You know what? You're killing me everytime you come here (she's quite old, by the way). You are either sadic or simply macabre.

I'm thinking she exagerated a bit about the last part. Anyway, the discussion continued ever more until the debate of whether or not being realistic equals being pessimistic.

It's quite odd, when being realistic and predicting bad things, this being your point of view, are you automaticly tagged as pessimistic (and vice-versa) ? Does a nation or an institution shun realistic-pessimistic people because they might influence the population, or sometimes, tell them true things that should not be said, in fear of causing doubt/panic/fright/revolution?

Yet the ultimate question remains rock solid: When is someone realistic? Maybe some answers about pessimism and optimism can be given with just one sentence, a quote by someone who's name I sadly cannot remember:

The optimist believes that the world is perfect, and the pessimist fears this is

Death by lack of wisdom.

Tuesday, May 23


My god, I played pool for the first time just a week ago and now I'm an addict. How can you not be? This game is practicly what I always wanted, for years!

Soccer - good recreational sport
Basketball - same thing
Ski - only available in winter, need to practice more
Table Tennis - really nice, would really want a table at my home
Pool - hell yeah! after the exams this summer I'm moving to a pool hall

It is simply amazing! Here you need some real tactics, you can manipulate the cue ball in any way, send it in any direction and pocket a ball in any way imaginable.

For now I'm still learning. Played about 8 hours in total. Eight Ball is the game I currently play, the pool halls in this city (the ones I can afford) have only this game available. Until now, I have beaten every classmate that played with me, some many times. Though there some kids that can beat me, I sometimes have some really good luck. Which, in my opinion, is also necessary in this game, besides raw talent. I L.O.V.E POOL!
Death by pool addiction.

Monday, May 22

To Study Or Not To Study

So get this: today I had an exam, needed for finishing this school year. I knew it for about 2, 3 weeks, yet I didn't study anything.

The last weekend came, and friday I was too bored to study. Okaay, saturday. Look at the pretty lights! "Uuuuuuu ..." Nope, not saturday.

Sunday morning: " ... uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ...". Nope.
Sunday afternoon: " ... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ...". Not quite.
Sunday evening: " ... uuuuuuuuu. " Could this be? "Baff time weeeee!!" *sigh* Nope.
Sunday night, 22:00 : "Dude, I should go study!" *study, study, study* Woohoo!
Sunday night, 23:20 : "Oh man, I'm sleepy ..." ZZzzzZZzzzz.

Monday, first two hours I have the exam. Dad comes to my door: *thumbs up*. "Thanks." *study, study, study*
Monday, 7:50 - 8:00 : *study, study, study* "Put all your school books in your rucksack!" *study, study, study*. "What did I tell you, mister?" *study* *close book* "Done."
Monday, 8:01 - 9:59 : *writing, thinking, writing, thinking, writing*. "Please put down your pencils and give me your test papers!" *writing* "Done!"

The conclusion? The exam was divided into 3 sections. 1st section: easy, correctly wrote 12 out of 14. 2nd section: easy as heck, wrote everything correctly. 3rd section, the one I was studying for, and the hardest: out of 2 necessary pages, I wrote 5.

5! F-I-V-E! A FOUR letter word! Am I smart or what? *grin*

Death by too much books to read.

p.s. here's a link to a very nice comic: It just celebrated it's 1000th strip today!

Sunday, May 21

Eurovision '06

This years edition of the Eurovision contest, held in the Greek legendary capital, Athens, was the best one I've seen. Why? Because, finally, someone went there and gave them some good, hard, rock! And who better to do this than the scandinavians?

Yup the Finnish group Lordi went on stage with their monstrous-looking costumes and sang "Hard Rock, Hallelujah! F^$%ing Yeah! The song was in the 80's hard rock style, and really vibed up the people in the arena. They deserved the win.

On the other side, the most fugly nation to sing was, sadly, the United Kingdom. I mean, hell, that song by Daz Simpson should have been meant for an under-12 kids show. You call that RAP? Bwahahahahaaaa! He was like a 14-year old trying to be 50 Cent. L-A-M-E !

All in all, can't wait to see the next edition. Supposedly the winner band gives the trend of the next edition songs. 80's hard rock at Eurovision '07? Kick ASS!!!

Death by kiddy rap.

Saturday, May 20

North Korean Nukes

A recent (2 days old) news on states that

the North Korean nation may be on the verge of assembling a long-range ballistic
missile with a nuclear warhead whose range could reach the United States.

I say: fear the north koreans! The entire world should fear them. Communism did not do this, rather the hate for all that the US threw it's hands into: from the USA itself, the american people, democracy, NATO, NASA and all the way to World of Warcraft and Barbie (hehe). Yes, it's true! Have you ever seen a north korean hooker? It looks a CIA/FBI agent, only with crappy suits cut in the middle to make a "cleavage".

North Korean has announced on numerous occasions that it is building its nuclear
power in order to deter US and its allies.

Yup, you heard it England, France, Germany (1/2 ironic) & co. They ain't bombing american KFC fast-foods, they bombing english pubs, french omlette restaurants and german beer factories. Goddamnit, i like all these things! Arrrrr ...

American officials believe the country may as well have one or two nuclear bombs
in its possession

"May as well have". It's like Bush saying: "OK, if you send me some of those fancy girls that hitchhike all night for my boys here at the bureau, I'll give one nuke. Two, if the girls look good."

and the ability to build many more.

Ooohh Daamn. Now Bush ain't no longer passing 'em out, he's only giving Christmas Gifts. Nuclear winter, anyone?

The US chief negotiator is due to arrive in China for an official visit next
week, in order to take part in nuclear talks.

I, for one, trust this guy. If he's been selected from over 200 million people to do this job, he sure must have a high charisma score! And besides, if he screws this up, Bruce Willis will come and save the day! If HE doesn't do a good job, even though I doubt it, well damn it, we'll just send the best there is; ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause to the one, the only

Death by North Korean nuke.

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